A platform that leveraging blockchain technology to establish Valid identity and reputation of educational institutions. Alphabet Incubator Blockchain (ABC) uses a blockchain-based solution that allows ABC users to build trust-able profiles for all stakeholders in the ecosystem.​

In the world of education, there is one complicated question that cannot be solved by the current system. Because the large number of existing institutions cannot match the human resources needed to capture data transactions, it causes obstacles in the system itself.

By utilizing Blockchain which emphasizes decentralized capabilities to provide incentives to users who contribute to the network by providing correct data is where ABC’s role is played. The amount of data replication can be done in minutes and is not guaranteed. Data integrity is needed by Educational Institutions. By using a blockchain, it also means that ABC will implement encryption and hashes that allow the system to make transactions more quickly but also securely.

  • Build profiles of educational institutions to ensure the integrity of their data
  • Creating a virtual ledger for each data
  • Reduce barriers by giving reputation assessments
  • A sustainable business model that allows educational institutions to appear on a higher scale
  • Improving the security of education agency data profiles.

Educational institutions are our main stakeholders in the ecosystem, but ABC will also be supported by owners of different industries related to education.

MITRA is one of the stakeholders who has the opportunity to improve ABC user data with permission from the data owner and provide the ability for educational institutions to be able to do it on a higher scale.

Partners are able to do market research and/or fine-tune product planning and pricing with lower research cost.

Partners can ask for qualifying user profiles that meet their customer/partnership criteria.

There will be bonus for those who join ABC Quiz (QBC), the prizes are 1 AI Coin to 5 AI Coins.