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The future

New ways to connect people

The development of technology 4.0 is a technological phenomenon that collaborates cyber with automation technology.

Of course, this can be utilized in an effort to improve the certificate security system using blockchain technology. Certificates have a very important role, because they are used as certificates and proof of rights to student achievements, which are issued by the authorities or an agency. Technological developments are not spared from being exploited in activities of data misuse or misappropriation.

What we do

Blockchain, community and digital experiences, created with ambition, innovation, and care.

Shimamura sagisawa Shibuya

Creative Director


We make fast, modern Authentication

huge honor


Alphabet Blockchain (ABC) is able to provide convenience, speed, and integrity in archiving data, authenticating data, as well as presenting quantitative and accurate quality information from the blockchain technology.

Secure & Decentralized

Blockchain-based hashing and time stamping make for exceedingly strong evidence of the authenticity of a document.

New Strategy

Cryptographic representations of data are distributed in thousands of nodes, worldwide.