Logo Blockchain Alphabet Incubator

‚ÄčHere are 6 meanings of the Alphabet Incubator Blockchain web logo:

  1. Coins: Because Blockchain is identical to a digital coin, it has its own characteristics
  2. Gold Color: Symbolizes Achievement, Success, Luxury, Victory and Prosperity. So it becomes one of the prayers that the Blockchain Alphabet Incubator will lead to prosperity and have many achievements
  3. Black: Represents strength, confidence, mysteriousness, and classics. So that the Alphabet Incubator Blockchain can be a strength for us in its scope and confident in facing the industrial revolution until Indonesia becomes a superpower in 2045
  4. 10 coin words: Is a combination of numbers 1 and 0, where 1 is the beginning of everything in the world and 0 is not something that is not meaningful, but as a complement to everything that has started ^^ Proven with a simple example that money 1 million will be meaningless if without having the element 0 in it ,, that’s why 0 is very meaningful to us. And 10 is a very perfect mix, it is also a prayer for Blockchain to perfect all efforts that have been started
  5. Alphabet Incubator logo: As a complement and identity also, this blockchain is present thanks to the success and success of the Alphabet Incubator guys ^^ Hope that the alphabet incubator blockchain can be one of the mainstays to continue developing internationally.
  6. Network: A network is closely related to technology, where the blockchain itself is also part of today’s technology. It is hoped that the Alphabet Incubator Blockchain can strengthen the technology network that we already have so that it is internationally known