BCAI Platform

AI Coin

Digital coins are produced by the Alphabet Incubator blockchain without centralized storage or a single administrator as a decentralized currency.


Digital certificates generated by BCAI use verified QR codes. The level of originality and authenticity is ensured.


Every transaction that occurs when the order will be embedded with a barcode as a sign of the originality of JAI produced.


Blockchain AI provides co-working space which can be used to discuss general agency meetings as well as to discuss blockchain.


Blockchain AI will provide workshops or seminars to explore the world of blockchain.


Blockchain Alphabet Incubator provides E-Journal in which each issue will have its own encryption code.


Blockchain Alphabet Incubator card where each member can create an ID Card that is listed QR Code containing user data.


Where anyone who wants to use an interactive projector in the Alphabet Incubator needs to enter the encryption code.


Blockchain Alphabet Incubator provides PDF creation services with shared encryption code output.


Where anyone can make donations using AI Coin will be immediately accepted by those who are entitled, because it is supported by the blockchain system.